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Leading radon testing company serving Gainesville, GA

Radon poses a serious threat to a homeowner’s health and well-being. It is the leading cause of cancer for nonsmokers. It is also colorless, odorless, and invisible. As a result, it is impossible to determine if your home has elevated levels of radon without the help of a professional.

Fortunately, Georgia Healthy Homes offers radon testing in and around Gainesville, GA. Our professionals will visit your home, walk you through the testing process, answer your questions, and then start testing procedures. Within 48 hours, we will return the results to you, review them with you, and explain next steps, if required.

Call us today at 1-844-227-1299 or complete the provided form to hear more about our services and to schedule your free estimate!

Gainesville’s radon mitigation professionals

If you have radon in your home, quick and appropriate action is necessary to alleviate the threat. Luckily, at Georgia Healthy Homes, we provide expert radon mitigation services that you require to effortlessly decrease your radon levels and return your home to safety. According to the EPA, action is necessary if your radon levels reach above 4.0 pCi/L, and our team can lower your levels to well below that with our radon mitigation solutions. Contact us and we will work with you to develop the best kind of radon mitigation solution for you and your home.

Trusted indoor air quality solutions in Gainesville, GA

Although radon is one of the more serious indoor air quality contaminants, it is not the only contaminant plaguing your home. There are a number of indoor air pollutants that can exist in your home, from pet dander to mold spores. With extended exposure, these contaminants can result in health issues, particularly if you or your loved ones have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems.

At Georgia Healthy Homes, we provide numerous indoor air quality solutions catered to your needs that will keep your home healthy and comfortable. Check out this list of our go-to indoor air quality solutions!

  • Energy Recovery Ventilator
  • Vapor Intrusion Mitigation
  • Breathe EZ Air Cleaner
  • Breathe EZ UV Light
  • Dehumidifiers

Don’t wait another day to get rid of these contaminants. Give us a call today to schedule your free estimate for any of the services we offer in Gainesville, GA!

Job Stories From Gainesville, GA
Radon Mitigation in Gainesville, GA

Sean of Gainesville, GA reached out to Georgia Healthy Homes to reduce the high levels of radon found in his home. His radon levels, higher than the EPA's recommended threshold of 4 pCi/L, would have caused adverse health effects to Sean and his family. 

Shortly after requesting a quote online, Craig Shane scheduled a home consultation with Sean to discuss the mitigation process and the possible ways Georgia Healthy Homes could work with Sean to reduce his high radon levels. Craig decided that having Trent Jones and Zach Tully install a premium radon mitigation system with an Eagle Extreme Fan reduce the radon levels of the Gainesville home. 

If you live in the Gainesville area and would like a free quote, give Georgia Healthy Homes a call today!

Radon Mitigation in Gainesville, GA - Photo 1Radon Mitigation in Gainesville, GA - Photo 2Radon Mitigation in Gainesville, GA - Photo 3Radon Mitigation in Gainesville, GA - Photo 4
Radon Mitigation in Gainesville, GA

Arlene of Gainesville, GA was trying to sell her home and had a high radon reading of 6.6 pCi/L. Before selling her home, she decided to reach out to Georgia Healthy Homes to lower her radon levels below the EPA's recommended 4 pCi/L.  

After reaching out by phone, an appointment with Craig Shane was made. Craig walked Arlene through what the radon mitigation process would entail and recommended that Zach Tully and Trent Jones install a tap in Arlene's basement to extract the radioactive gas from the soil, up through her attic and out the roof of her home. All of Georgia Healthy Home's radon mitigations are done with the aesthetics of the home in mind. 

If you live in Gainesville and think your home might have high radon levels, call Georgia Healthy Homes today.

Radon System Inspection in Gainesville, GA

Ann L. recently purchased a newly constructed home in Gainesville, GA that had a passive radon mitigation system installed. She intended to perform her own radon test but wanted to know more about the system. She hired Georgia Healthy Homes for a system inspection.

When Mike visited the home he took his Radon Sniffer to measure the radon levels coming from the exhaust pipe through the roof. He was able to get readings of around 200 pCi/L using a 15 min average. This was a clear demonstration that the system was working but he recommended doing a short-term test to measure the levels inside the home. Mike was also able to navigate her attic space to determine the feasibility of adding a fan if the passive system was not adequately reducing the levels in the home.

If you have any type of radon system installed and would like to know more about it, give us a call today.

Radon System Inspection in Gainesville, GA - Photo 1Radon System Inspection in Gainesville, GA - Photo 2Radon System Inspection in Gainesville, GA - Photo 3
Radon Mitigation Saves Another Gainesville, GA Real Estate Transaction!

Jerry C. never lived in the home that he was selling in Gainesville, GA. It was only a year old but his retirement plans had changed so he put it back on the market. The potential buyers had a radon test with their home inspection and the results made them unsure about moving forward with the purchase. Jerry agreed to install a radon mitigation system to lower the levels below the EPA action level. After getting several bids, he contracted with Georgia Healthy Homes to complete the work and provide a follow-up test with a continuous radon monitor. (The sellers stipulated that the follow-up test be done with the same type of monitor as their original test.)

The first challenge was the Home Owner's Association. The HOA insisted that the piping be routed through the interior. The home was a one-story home with a finished basement. Our only choice was to route the piping from the basement into the garage, then straight up through the garage ceiling across a massive attic space, and out through the back of the roof. The system would need to be properly designed to save this transaction.

We were able to install the system and deliver a follow-up test before the buyer's due diligence period was up. To satisfy the HOA requirements we also painted the exterior piping black. The final average radon level measured was 1.7 pCi/L and the buyers moved forward with their purchase. 

If you are selling your home and potential buyers have concerns with radon, we can help.

For a free no cost, no-obligation estimate, call today to schedule at 1-844-227-1299


Radon Mitigation Saves Another Gainesville, GA Real Estate Transaction! - Photo 1Radon Mitigation Saves Another Gainesville, GA Real Estate Transaction! - Photo 2Radon Mitigation Saves Another Gainesville, GA Real Estate Transaction! - Photo 3Radon Mitigation Saves Another Gainesville, GA Real Estate Transaction! - Photo 4Radon Mitigation Saves Another Gainesville, GA Real Estate Transaction! - Photo 5Radon Mitigation Saves Another Gainesville, GA Real Estate Transaction! - Photo 6Radon Mitigation Saves Another Gainesville, GA Real Estate Transaction! - Photo 7
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