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Radon Mitigation System in Arnoldsville, GA

A home seller in Arnoldsville, GA called us after a potential buyer walked away from their contract to purchase the home because of high radon levels measured by their home inspector.

We were able to mitigate the property quickly so they could get the home back on the market and the mitigation system is now a selling feature! 

If you are selling your home, get it tested before you put it on the market. If you detect high radon levels in your home, call Georgia Healthy Homes. 

For a free no cost, no-obligation estimate, call today to schedule at 1-706-389-9603

Interior Aesthetic Package in Athens, GA

Radon mitigations systems don't have to be ugly! Sometimes the best looking installation is through the roof. This slab home was completely finished on the interior with very few options for installing an extraction point. (There were none at the back of the home.) The homeowner agreed that the best thing to do was to route the piping into and up through the garage. The exterior piping is only visible from the neighbor's yard. 

For a free no cost, no obligation estimate, call today to schedule at 1-706-389-9603” 

Radon Mitigation in Athens, GA

Holly B. has a home gym in her basement and she heard that some of her neighbors had elevated radon and were installing mitigation systems. She lives in the Lexington Estates subdivision on the east side of Athens, GA. We tested for radon and the average concentration was over 5.0 pCi/L so we installed a radon mitigation system on the back corner of her home to reduce the radon to a level she was more comfortable with.

If you are concerned with elevated radon in your home, give us a call today.

Athens, GA Radon Mitigation System

We installed a radon mitigation system for a homeowner in Athens, GA that was planning on finishing the basement of her 1960s ranch home in the Forest Heights subdivision. Thankfully, she had a radon test before her contractor began the work. We were able to reduce the levels in the basement from over 5 pCi/L to below 1.0 pCI/L.

Post Mitigation Radon Testing in Athens, GA

A concerned homeowner in the Forest Heights neighborhood in Athens, GA called us for radon testing and mitigation. She works from home and has a home gym in her basement. She had done some short term testing on her own and felt the results we inconsistent and confusing. She requested that we run a longer test than normal so she would have confidence in the overall average. We decided to run the test for 9 days.

The first test we conducted had an overall average of 2.9 pCi/L. This is below the EPA average but she wanted to get the levels below 2.0 pCi/L because she spends so much time in her home. The report showed that there were daily spikes in the levels up to 5.8 pCi/L. We were very confident we could help her meet her radon reduction goals.

After installing a radon mitigation system, we retested the home. She was thrilled with the results. The average was 0.7 pCi/L with a maximum reading of 1.32 pCi/L. The mitigation was a success and we were able to deliver the results she needed to feel comfortable spending so much time at home.

If you are concerned with radon in your home or you have done your own testing and don't know what to do next, call Georgia Healthy Homes Today!

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